Night Sky

Night sky holds the secret.Heart’s rhythm more descreet.Stars falling from the sky.Wishing for another try.Nothing to pray for now.Holding on lost faith somehow.Nightmare replacing dreams.Laughter transforming in screams. Nivedita Sikdar

Running away

Crossroads, with no way out.Head unable, to clear doubts.Feeling of forlorn, too intense.Tired of fake, and pretense.Going in circles, since long.Heart no more, plays along.Cold, and dark winter within.Running away, from unseen. Nivedita Sikdar


Rollercoaster ride, of emotions.Mind working, on manifestation.Looking beyond, the horizon.Walking away, from dry run.Waiting for, future to show.It will come on time, I know.Visions of, times to come.Keeping me, awake till dawn.Found the secret, never told.We can create, our own world. Nivedita Sikdar

Train of thoughts

Train of thoughts, takes to you.Want to stop, but what to do?Fireflies, takes me to magic land.Water, touches the line of sand.Dance of the winds, births hope.Mythical unicorn, walking on the slope.Holding your hand, I see the sun.Morning light breaks, the dream spun. Nivedita Sikdar

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