Without You

I can hear you, in rhythm of my heart.Meant to be together, but living apart.Since ages, we have been running away.Never together, always thrown faraway.Craving for, the touch of your eyes.Waiting for, the fire to melt the ice.Heart beats, but flutters for none.Longing to merge with the only one.Hope lingers, on the edge of despair.WithoutContinue reading “Without You”

Never ending Stairs

Waking up with heart, full of hope.Breaking away, from conditioning rope.Realligning thoughts again.Evading worries, of loss or gain.Learning, new lessons for living.Sometime we give, else receiving.Conflicts of interest, never dies.Not every dream materialize.Shunning, the feeling of despair.Climbing up, the never-ending stairs. Nivedita Sikdar

Cosmic Symphony

Heart flutters, with the song.Want to hear it, all night long.Chords playing, in certain way.Taking me, to a land faraway.Soul touches, the sound of music.Makes the mind, feel euphoric. Cosmic symphony, ascend.Connecting me, to you again.Don’t see you, but smell your scent.The world dissolves, while I descent. Nivedita Sikdar

Your Existence

Question of your being arise.Your true form, only for my eyes.Figment of imagination, for them.Inspiration, to keep me sane.Never felt, so high on life.Keeping all the doubts, aside.Living every day, loving little more.Your existence, lights up my core. Nivedita Sikdar


Night crawling, with silver spark.Moon, and stars, coming to work.Keeping my fingers crossed.Wish you could, read my thoughts.Just before, closing my eyes.Asking for, a dream of yours.A dream, where I will confess.Confessions, to end the suspense.Telling you, the deepest secrets.Finally my heart, can rejoice, and rest. Nivedita Sikdar


Drenched in, the lucid dream.Real like, the live stream.Me and you, in the rain.Feelings that, we can’t contain.Vaporising the raindrops.Deep desires, flares up.Letting go, the inhibition.Being one, with the creation.Merging of, two halves of soul.Fluidity engulfing us whole. Nivedita Sikdar

Kind of Love

I need to explain.Just before we begin.What I am about?Shhh.. don’t shout.My kind of love is…Like pair of white dove.Gentle and kind.Loving on rewind.Fiery orange tabby.Spirited and naughty.Thoughtful, yet not slow.Will make, my soul glow.It’s a journey, not a task.Do you think it’s too much to ask? Nivedita Sikdar

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