Towards the stars

Getting lost, again and again.Don’t have, a place to remain.Still looking, for a sanctuary.Walking through, the century.Known faces, became unknown.With time true colours shown.Never found, the promised land.Neither found, the soulmates hand.Wondering, what’s written in stars.I keep wandering, towards the stars. Nivedita Sikdar

Soul Burning

Never wrote a love note.Nothing important to quote.My feelings, were written in stars.Moon hiding, my heart’s scars.Night after night eyes kept looking.Knight in shining armour, was missing.Forever locked, in the maze of waiting.Soul burning, in the fire of longing. Nivedita Sikdar

My Rainbow

Watching you, from shadow.I am cloud, you’re my rainbow.Just a glimpse, and heart sways.You colour, my gloom away.Together, but lost in the maze.Trying to see, through the haze.Wishing for, a torrential rain.Break-in away, the constraints. Nivedita Sikdar

Goodbye Kiss

Never been, kissed by luck.Felt everything, is dark.So, when I met you?Felt like, too good to be true.I missed, my chance of salvation.Looking for, way to redemption.Maybe somewhere, our paths will cross.Or like streams, we will cut across.No reason, for you to return.Goodbye kiss, is all that I yearn. Nivedita Sikdar

Fire in My Heart

Wish I could, show you fire in my heart.Take you to the moon, and peep at earth.Sail to the centre, of deep blue ocean.Love you in ways, that you have never been.Open your heart, to let the light deep in.Break away from thoughts, which are binding.Let me show you, the magic of mystical nights.While theContinue reading “Fire in My Heart”

Signs of Angels

Invisible thread, pulling me.Sensing it, but unable to see.Trying to touch, and feel.Just a vision, slippery as eel.Rendezvous in dreams.Wondering, what it means?Is it the mythical twin?Missing link, in between.Signs of angels, too cryptic.Heart knows, it’s mystic. Nivedita Sikdar

Honey Dipped Sunset

Beautiful honey dipped sunset.Loving you, with no regrets.Feeling of, being at home.Deep desires, one cannot fathom.You are faraway, like a star.Heart, and mind do get in war.Surrendering, to call of soul.Finally, connecting it all.Star-crossed since aeons.Meeting, and parting goes on. Nivedita Sikdar

Without You

I can hear you, in rhythm of my heart.Meant to be together, but living apart.Since ages, we have been running away.Never together, always thrown faraway.Craving for, the touch of your eyes.Waiting for, the fire to melt the ice.Heart beats, but flutters for none.Longing to merge with the only one.Hope lingers, on the edge of despair.WithoutContinue reading “Without You”

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