Leap of Faith

Spring blooming, in the heart.Want to let go, and restart.Washing away, the past regrets.New hopes, to hold, and caress.Giving in, to love and desire.Dreaming again, to fly higher.Want to see, what lies ahead.Ready to take, a leap of faith. Nivedita Sikdar

Divine connection

I felt it’s, slithering again.Just before, the snow started pouring in.As if heaven, opened its portal for me.It was coming, but I couldn’t see.Emotions, which were dead.Resurfacing, as if awakened.Need to want, the desires.Nourishing the soul, with fire.Once again, nurturing the signs.Feeling the connection, with divine. Nivedita Sikdar


Rollercoaster ride, of emotions.Mind working, on manifestation.Looking beyond, the horizon.Walking away, from dry run.Waiting for, future to show.It will come on time, I know.Visions of, times to come.Keeping me, awake till dawn.Found the secret, never told.We can create, our own world. Nivedita Sikdar

My Zephyr

Early spring, in my heart.Breeze being, diehard flirt.Tousling, my hair with kisses.Ruffling, my skirt’s edges.Playing, with my balance to and fro.Keeping an eye, wherever I go.Gliding me, towards bright summer.I am just riding, along my Zephyr. Nivedita Sikdar

Deep Inside

Too deep inside, still breathing.Old dreams buried, but living.Unable to connect, them to me.They’re fighting, to run free.Creating, existential conflict.Chaotic thoughts, can’t restrict.Mirror reflecting, an old image.Need to stop, before any damage.Disconnecting, them from me.It is the only way out, I see. Nivedita Sikdar

Train of thoughts

Train of thoughts, takes to you.Want to stop, but what to do?Fireflies, takes me to magic land.Water, touches the line of sand.Dance of the winds, births hope.Mythical unicorn, walking on the slope.Holding your hand, I see the sun.Morning light breaks, the dream spun. Nivedita Sikdar

Without You

I can hear you, in rhythm of my heart.Meant to be together, but living apart.Since ages, we have been running away.Never together, always thrown faraway.Craving for, the touch of your eyes.Waiting for, the fire to melt the ice.Heart beats, but flutters for none.Longing to merge with the only one.Hope lingers, on the edge of despair.WithoutContinue reading “Without You”

Never ending Stairs

Waking up with heart, full of hope.Breaking away, from conditioning rope.Realligning thoughts again.Evading worries, of loss or gain.Learning, new lessons for living.Sometime we give, else receiving.Conflicts of interest, never dies.Not every dream materialize.Shunning, the feeling of despair.Climbing up, the never-ending stairs. Nivedita Sikdar

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