Towards the stars

Getting lost, again and again.Don’t have, a place to remain.Still looking, for a sanctuary.Walking through, the century.Known faces, became unknown.With time true colours shown.Never found, the promised land.Neither found, the soulmates hand.Wondering, what’s written in stars.I keep wandering, towards the stars. Nivedita Sikdar

Hypnotic Swirls

Tidal waves, of reflection.Unable to let go, the addiction.Fighting with, the old image.Nothing but, collateral damage.Hanging between want, and need.Another night of, disrupted sleep.Syncing with, the reality unnerves.Drifting away, to hypnotic swirls. Nivedita Sikdar

Letter of Disclosure

Opening the old book, after long time.Smelling the roses, I once left behind.No more fresh, they’re are all dead.Still reminds me about, what we shared.Sacred thread, that tied our heart.Now severed, by shears of hate.Scars still looking, for balm of closure.Yet to receive, the last letter of disclosure. Nivedita Sikdar

Voice of Dead

Whispering of, unknown hymns.Taking me back, to another time.Rekindling the, ice cold flamesAwakening the, slumbered sense.Showing me the, way to myself.Closing the, windows of nightmares.No more, scattered words in head.Finally silenced,the voice of dead. Nivedita Sikdar

Turtle Shell

Hiding behind, impenetrable veil.Keeping head inside, the turtle shell.Freezing my moves, as if I am dead.Resting before the war, no not scared.Reviewing past, learning from mistakes.Following my heart, wherever it takes.Unexplored path, I will find my way.This is my chance, just can’t stray. Nivedita Sikdar

Colour Wheel

Unfinished painting, of forlorn.Breakup story, nothing to mourn.Looking for colours, to complete.Unable to decide, may be monochromatic.Brushing away, the colour and thoughts.Breaking away, from mental block.Colours in head, making a swirl.Merry go round,of the colour wheel. Nivedita Sikdar


Cats meowing, away the blues.Rack full of old shoes.Winds blowing, through the cracks.Non stop playing, old tracks.Waiting for the, weekly call.Forgetting, the name of her doll.Heartbreak or may be heartburn.Old age, hanging on gin and rum.Missing pieces of memory.Dementia eating, the story. Nivedita Sikdar

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