Cats meowing, away the blues.Rack full of old shoes.Winds blowing, through the cracks.Non stop playing, old tracks.Waiting for the, weekly call.Forgetting, the name of her doll.Heartbreak or may be heartburn.Old age, hanging on gin and rum.Missing pieces of memory.Dementia eating, the story. Nivedita Sikdar

Lines and Shadows

Sunlight on ceiling, creating Halos.Slowly turning, into lines of shadows.Window of memories, ajar again.Opening images, stored in my brain.Remembering the lady, I met somewhere. Dazzling merry eyes, lips saying prayer.Mystic beauty, etched by wrinkles.Old raspy voice, no more musical.Lost her again, in the cerebral meadow.Back to ceiling and lines of shadows. Nivedita Sikdar


Listening to lyrics unknown.Foreign tongue but music known.Pulling strings of my heart.Hidden emotions, caught off guard.Floating on the soulful melody.Going back to, of yore memory.Different words, but similar tune.Dancing away, the nights in ruins.Forgotten lore, once again told.Nothing much of the past is left.Me and your violin to hold. Nivedita Sikdar


Distant fading songs of forlorn.Words erased, only the prelude haunts.Fireflies dances along it all night.Magical rhythms disturbing the quiet.Nothing to hold the screw to the nut.Scars remains, umbilical cord long cut.Watching the bugs whirling everywhere.Reaching out to touch, but noone is there. Nivedita Sikdar

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