Night Sky

Night sky holds the secret.Heart’s rhythm more descreet.Stars falling from the sky.Wishing for another try.Nothing to pray for now.Holding on lost faith somehow.Nightmare replacing dreams.Laughter transforming in screams. Nivedita Sikdar

Towards the stars

Getting lost, again and again.Don’t have, a place to remain.Still looking, for a sanctuary.Walking through, the century.Known faces, became unknown.With time true colours shown.Never found, the promised land.Neither found, the soulmates hand.Wondering, what’s written in stars.I keep wandering, towards the stars. Nivedita Sikdar

Hypnotic Swirls

Tidal waves, of reflection.Unable to let go, the addiction.Fighting with, the old image.Nothing but, collateral damage.Hanging between want, and need.Another night of, disrupted sleep.Syncing with, the reality unnerves.Drifting away, to hypnotic swirls. Nivedita Sikdar

Voice of Dead

Whispering of, unknown hymns.Taking me back, to another time.Rekindling the, ice cold flamesAwakening the, slumbered sense.Showing me the, way to myself.Closing the, windows of nightmares.No more, scattered words in head.Finally silenced,the voice of dead. Nivedita Sikdar

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek of light and dark.Twinkle of, the morning star.Listening to, the breathing humm.Reaching out to, grab the sun.Tripping on the last night’s vision.Felt so real, but it was just illusion.Unraveling the deeper connection.Hide and seek, from confrontation. Nivedita Sikdar

Dark showreel

I don’t feel the darkness anymore.But now I am blinded by the glitters.Fake, loud glitters, covering you.It’s eating you. Nothing I can do.I am being blind, to my surroundings.So don’t blame me, of wrong doings.Getting consumed into, bright void.You liked it, so don’t be paranoid.Enjoy the emptiness you feel.Like, I am enjoying the, dark showreel.Continue reading “Dark showreel”

Thread of pain

Never ending quest, to find me.Unable to open my eyes to see.Reaching out, in wrong directions.Judging my own imperfections.Carrying the burden of being sane.Tying my mind with thread of pain.Walking towards, unending chaos.What’s blinding me? Tears or raindrops? Nivedita Sikdar

Sand Dunes

Dark night, without my moon.Sorrounded by sand dunes.Fear breathing, on my neck.I don’t know, how to escape?Following the steps, in the sand.Trekking the unknown land.Need a succour, for guidance.Nothing, but deafening silence.Same old, nightmarish grind.Parched lips and frantic mind. Nivedita Sikdar

Lines and Shadows

Sunlight on ceiling, creating Halos.Slowly turning, into lines of shadows.Window of memories, ajar again.Opening images, stored in my brain.Remembering the lady, I met somewhere. Dazzling merry eyes, lips saying prayer.Mystic beauty, etched by wrinkles.Old raspy voice, no more musical.Lost her again, in the cerebral meadow.Back to ceiling and lines of shadows. Nivedita Sikdar

Solitary Reflections

Evenings always makes me brood.Nostalgia hits, and then that mood.Sands of time, seems slipping faster.Wild stray thoughts, yet to master.Dying sunlight calls the gloom.Crushed buds, those never bloom.Chilly glacial heart, dead quiet.Solitary reflections, till morning light. Nivedita Sikdar

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