Night Sky

Night sky holds the secret.Heart’s rhythm more descreet.Stars falling from the sky.Wishing for another try.Nothing to pray for now.Holding on lost faith somehow.Nightmare replacing dreams.Laughter transforming in screams. Nivedita Sikdar

Towards the stars

Getting lost, again and again.Don’t have, a place to remain.Still looking, for a sanctuary.Walking through, the century.Known faces, became unknown.With time true colours shown.Never found, the promised land.Neither found, the soulmates hand.Wondering, what’s written in stars.I keep wandering, towards the stars. Nivedita Sikdar

Soul Burning

Never wrote a love note.Nothing important to quote.My feelings, were written in stars.Moon hiding, my heart’s scars.Night after night eyes kept looking.Knight in shining armour, was missing.Forever locked, in the maze of waiting.Soul burning, in the fire of longing. Nivedita Sikdar

Politically Correct

Politically correct,or scared to death.Feeling all right,or don’t have any rights.Peaceful at heart,or running away from facts.Hoping for the best,or accepting the defeat.Waiting for the revolution,or blinded by devotion.Dynasties or Dictators.Democracy doesn’t matter. Nivedita Sikdar

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